Chemical Tin Can/Pail Making Machines & Production Line

Automatic Pail Production Line

The automatic line is made up of a welding machine, a coating machine, a combination machine, one sealing machine, and conveyors, etc. Cans are automatically stand, expand, flange, curl, bead, and seal bottom integration after welded by the welding machine, comprehensive implementation of the mechanical and electrical integration. It can be used in sealing tinplate cans of can-making factories, such as paint, engine oil, etc. This automatic line is mainly used for 16L-20L conical pails. The whole line is highly automated, and the main motor adopts a frequency conversion motor with convenient adjustment. The whole line is operated by the PLC control with stable equipment performance and simple operation. The main parts are controlled by the servo. The sealing machine adopts 8 sealing rollers, which can be used for 5-layer sealing and also can be used for 7-layer sealing. Sealing quality is definitely reliable

Product Description