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About Us
Zhoushan Sinda Machinery Co., Ltd.
The professional manufacturer and solution maker for metal packing machinery, which is located in Zhoushan, the main production base of metal packing machinery and equipment in China. We mainly focus on various automatic can-making and metal lids lines and other metal packaging machines, including Easy open-end (EOE) Production Lines, 2-piece DRD Can lines, Food Tin Can lines, Chemical Tin Can Lines, Fancy Tin Can Line, Aerosol Dome & Cone Line, Metal Lids & Bottom Production Line, Duplex Slitter...
As a rich experienced manufacturer & exporter in the metal packing machinery field, we provide our clients not only the suitable solutions and high-quality machines but also the lifetime after-sale service.
We manufacture and provide the following packing machinery:
Easy Open End (EOE) Production Line
2 Piece DRD Can Production line
Metal Lid/Bottom Production Line
Aerosol Tin Can Production Line
3 Piece Food Tin Can Production Line
Fancy Tin Can Making Machines & Production Line
Chemical Tin Can/Pail Making Machines & Production Line
Semi-automatic machines
Certificate Of Honor
  • Utility model patent certificate
  • High-tech enterprise certificate
  • Certificate of conformity
  • Attestation certificate of machinery directives
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